ISSE-WS2022 ISSE workshop 2022
11th International Workshop on Sample Environment at Scattering Facilities

Program (updated: 22 August)

*Oral presentations O27&O29 have been cancelled.(22 August)
Oral Presentations
Poster Prsentations


time table

Sunday, 28 August

Monday, 29 August

8:45-9:20Opening and announce
S. Carlson, T. Otomo, and S. Ohira-Kawamura
9:20-10:20Facility reports 1
  • O-1 (online) The MAX-IV laboratory facility report, *S. Carlson (MAX-IV)
  • O-2 (online) NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) Updates!, *Y. Hernandez (NIST)
  • O-3 (online) Latest status of sample environment at CSNS, *X. Tong (CSNS)
10:20-10:50Coffee break
10:50-12:10Facility reports 2
  • O-4 Sample environment developments from the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering (ACNS, ANSTO), *R. White (ANSTO)
  • O-5 SE @ MLZ: What is the news?, *J. Peters (MLZ)
  • O-6 Facility news from PSI, *M. Bartkowiak (PSI)
  • O-7 Sample environment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Spallation Neutron Source & High Flux Isotope Reactor, *C. Redmon (ORNL)
13:40-14:40Facility reports 3
  • O-8 Current status of sample environment for neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy experiments at ISIS, *O. Kirichek (ISIS)
  • O-9 ESS facility updates, *C. Curfs (ESS)
  • O-10 The sample environments at LLB, *S. Gautrot (LLB)
14:40-15:10Coffee break
15:10-16:30Facility reports 4
  • O-11 Sample environment at BESSY II, *K. Kiefer (HZB)
  • O-12 Facility report - ESRF - News from the sample environment unit, *Y. Watier (ESRF)
  • O-13(online) Strategies for fast sample delivery at European XFEL, *J. Schulz (EuXFEL)
  • O-14(online) SANE - Services for advanced neutron environment at the ILL, *E. Lelievre-Berna (ILL)
16:30-16:50Coffee break
16:50-18:30Poster session A
20:30-ISSE board meeting (onsite & online)

Tuesday, 30 August

9:10-10:10Facility reports 5, He recovery
  • O-15 Updates on facility and sample environment from JRR-3, *K. Kaneko (JRR-3)
  • O-16 Sample environment at MLF J-PARC, *Y. Sakaguchi (J-PARC)
  • O-17 ISIS helium recovery highlights 2022, *R. Down (ISIS, He recovery)
10:10-10:40Coffee break
10:40-12:00Session 1: Extreme conditions 1 (Low T+)
  • O-18 Neutron imaging of an operational dilution refrigerator, *C. Lawson (ISIS)
  • O-19 New enhancements for ultra-low temperature sample environment at ISIS neutron and muon source, *A. Jones (ISIS)
  • O-20 Closed-cycle refrigerator system with sample in exchange gas to >600 K and automated sample changer, *R. Floyd (Lake Shore)
  • O-21 Ultrasonic wave as an external field for neutron scattering, *S. Shamoto (CROSS)
12:00-13:40Photo and lunch
13:40-15:00Session 2: Extreme conditions 2 (High H, high P)
  • O-22 Syncrotron X-ray experiments in strong magnetic fields, *Y. Matsuda (U. Tokyo)
  • O-23 Development of pulsed magnet system at MLF in J-PARC, *M. Watanabe (J-PARC)
  • O-24 Development of new high-pressure equipment for PSI and ILL, *P. Naumov (PSI)
  • O-25 Development and application of techniques for low-temperature and high-pressure single crystal neutron diffraction, *K. Munakata (CROSS)
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:10Session 3: Extreme conditions 3 (High P, high T)
  • O-26 PLANET: High-pressure beamline in J-PARC, *T. Hattori (J-PARC)
  • O-27 Cancel
  • O-28 High temperature furnace for small- and wide-angle neutron scattering instrument at J-PARC, *Y. Sakaguchi (CROSS)
16:10-16:50Coffee break
16:50-18:30Poster session B
20:30-Committee meetings (onsite & online)

Wednesday, 31 August

9:20-10:40Session 4: Complex conditions and automation
  • O-29 Cancel
  • O-30 IoT devices development at BL02 in J-PARC MLF, *T. Tominaga (CROSS)
  • O-31 Current status of soft matter equipment at ISIS, including equipment, people, projects, infrastructure, *A. Church (ISIS)
  • O-32 Sample environment developments in gas handling and high temperature, *C. Goodway (ISIS)
  • O-33 Cryostat for preparing vapor-deposited glasses and in-situ neutron and X-ray scattering experiments, *O. Yamamuro (U. Tokyo)
20:30-Plenary meeting (onsite & online)

Thursday, 1 September

9:20-10:20Virtual facility tour
10:20-10:50Coffee break
10:50-11:50Virtual facility tour
13:20-14:20Session 5: In-situ
  • O-34 In operando sample environment dedicated to studies in gas- and electro-catalytic processes using X-ray spectroscopy, *D. Wallacher (HZB)
  • O-35 Mixing D2O/H2O vapor generator for contrast-variation neutron scattering, *H. Arima-Osonoi (CROSS)
  • O-36 In-situ laser metal deposition sample environment on neutron instruments, *C. Baldwin (ANSTO)
14:20-14:50Coffee break
14:50-16:30Session 6: Discussion
Automation and remote experiments
16:30-18:30Free time


Sessions for poster presentations are:
Poster session A (Odd Numbers): 16:50 - 18:30 Monday, 29 August,
Poster session B (Even numbers): 16:50 - 18:30 Tuesday, 30 August.
P-1ISIS Universal cryostat - Automated temperature controller *Keith Allum
P-2In-house design and domestic fabrication of cryofurnace and induction furnace at ANSTO *Chris Baldwin
P-3Frappy a python implementation of SECoP *Marek Bartkowiak
P-4Recent soft matter in-house developments *Andy Church
P-5Carbon footprint of the helium recovery system at the ISIS facility *Richard Down
P-6Installation of a multi-purpose 4-circle diffractometer for synchrotron m Mossbauer source in BL11XU *Kosuke Fujiwara
P-7Application of control software framework to sample environment equipment in J-PARC MLF *Hiroyuki Hasemi
P-8A wide aperture high field asymmetric magnet for diffraction at ESS *Alexander Holmes
P-9Maintenance, commissioning and user support of BL-common low-temperature sample environment equipment in J-PARC MLF *Motoyuki Ishikado
P-10New standard for low temperature sample environment at JAEA/JRR-3 *Koji Kaneko
P-11Development of laser heating system for SANS under high magnetic field and high temperature *Yukihiko Kawamura
P-12Development of polarization analysis at TAIKAN under magnetic field at low temperature *Yukihiko Kawamura
P-13SECoP and metadata - The Sample Environment Communication Protocol *Klaus Kiefer
P-14Digital LEAPS STARS - Survey on automated sample handling *Klaus Kiefer
P-15Helium management: characterization of helium level probes *Klaus Kiefer
P-16Field homogeneity study on a Dy booster insert for additional magnetic field of up to 2.6 T in cryomagnets for neutron scattering *Bastian Klemke
P-17Sample stick with φ-rotation axis for top-loading cryostat using in TOF single-crystal neutron diffractometer SENJU *Koji Munakata
P-18Sample environment for low temperature μSR experiments at MLF, J-PARC *Jumpei Nakamura
P-19Generation and simulation of flat liquid jets for X-ray absorption and photoelectron spectroscopy *Matthias Neeb
P-20ISIS electronic user support group - Variety of work *Jamie Nutter
P-21Neutron scattering measurement under pressure using a piston cylinder cell at chopper spectrometer AMATERAS *Seiko Ohira-Kawamura
P-22Neutron efficiency of a GEM-based detector *Hidetoshi Ohshita
P-23Magnetic field environment for polarized neutron experiments *Takayuki Oku
P-24Wave, a 3-dimensional vector magnet for neutron scattering *Thomas Robillard
P-25Sharp at ILL, a LLB development *Thomas Robillard
P-26JCNS sample environment at MLZ *Valentyn Rubanskyi
P-27ISIS in-situ illumination capability *Maksim Schastny
P-28Sample environments shared with universities at JRR-3 *Ryosuke Sugiura
P-29Study of magnetic environment for neutron spin filters using polarized helium-3 at J-PARC and JRR-3 *Shusuke Takada
P-30Development of automated sample environment at HZB *Hermann Thiel
P-31Sample environment of the HRC spectrometer at J-PARC *Daichi Ueta
P-32Software based humidity and flow control setup with new type of H-T-P sensors for laboratory and in situ measurements *Dirk Wallacher
P-33Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction for the air/liquid interface *Takeshi Watanabe
P-34Precise temperature control in top-loading cryostat *Sara Yamauchi
P-35Magnetic fields for realizing polarization experiment in POLANO *Tetsuya Yokoo
P-36Advanced biaxial tensile state evaluation method using neutron Bragg-edge imaging *Shuoyuan Zhang

Technical Program

Virtual Facility Tour (J-PARC Materials & Life Science Experimental Facility, JRR-3, SPring-8, Photon Factory) (1 September, 2022)

Social Program

Toshogu Shrine Tour (Shrines and Temples of Nikko, including Toshogu Shrine, are inscribed on the World Heritage List) (31 August, 2022)