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The Neutron and Muon School

The Neutron and Muon School will be newly organized in Tokai, Japan integrating from former 2 courses; Basic Practice Course of Neutron Experiment at Japan Research Reactor 3 (JRR-3) and Material and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) School at Japan Proton Accelerator Complex (J-PARC), which were held individually every year. We aim at widening the neutron and muon user societies by training and supporting post-graduate students and young researchers who have limited or no experience with neutron and muon beam based techniques.

The School provides neutron and muon beam research training for newcomers through overall perspective of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and more. In addition to lectures, the course provides practical sessions of hands-on experiments and data analysis. All neutron and muon techniques are generally covered, with emphasis on powder diffraction, single-crystal diffraction, strain scanning, small-angle scattering, reflectometry, inelastic and quasielastic scatterings, neutron imaging and muon spin relaxation. The School is world unique in giving opportunities of studying both pulsed neutron at J-PARC and steady neutron at the research reactor JRR-3 as well as pulsed muon beam at J-PARC.

The School will be held at MLF in J-PARC. J-PARC is one of Japan's flagship research facilities. It is unique in having wide-ranged research fields, which is enabled by its accelerator based capabilities. MLF, located at the heart of J-PARC, is one of the world's leading centers for pulsed neutron and muon beam based research. JRR-3, which has been the center of neutron facility in Japan for a long time, is just in a walking distance from MLF. It is still under inspection after the big earthquake in 2011 so we will just visit it to study various neutron instruments

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