The 6th Neutron and Muon School The 6th Neutron and Muon School


Time-table of The Neutron and Muon School

Time table

The lectures will include Neutron Diffraction, Quasi-elastic Scattering, Inelastic Scattering, Small-angle Scattering, Neutron Reflectometry, Neutron Imaging, Muon Spin Rotation/Relaxation, Muonic X-ray measurement and Neutron/Muon physics. Please check “Lecturers” for more information.

Hands-on training:
Participants will be split into groups according to the instruments to work on and experience actual measurements and data analyses. The summary will be presented in the “Presentation” on the last day. Please check the “Hands-on training” for more information.

For on-site participants, a few minutes will be given so that the participants can introduce themselves to others, such as their interests, favorite foods and things to do, etc, which may help to get to know each other well. The participants are encouraged to prepare the short presentations beforehand.

JRR-3/MLF tour:
Although one can experience only one instrument in the hands-on training, a tour to see the instruments in both JRR-3 and J-PARC MLF will be given to all on-site participants.

On the last day, the on-site participants will present their works in the hands-on training to others. Good presentations will be awarded.