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Proposal Review Process

Submitted proposals are assessed from comprehensive and specialized viewpoints based on the following evaluation criteria.



Evaluation criteria

General use proposal

Short term proposal

  • Scientific significance
  • Industrial applications
  • Social merit
  • Educational merit
  • Technical feasibility
  • Potential of research team for executing academic research
  • Relation to the overall research plan
  • Promotion of a new research field, encouragement for first-time user

One-year proposal

  • In addition to the evaluation criteria for short-term proposals, the one-year proposal is reviewed in the light of involving the development of experimental techniques.

Long term proposal

  • Appropriateness of the reason for long term strategy
  • Academic significance
  • Novelty and originality
  • Feasibility of the research plan
  • Research funding to support long term project
  • Potential of research team for executing academic research
  • Activity for dissemination of research outcomes

Research field of the proposal review

Submitted proposals are assessed in the subcommittee of the relevant research field. Please choose the appropriate research field when you apply.

Safety review

For safe and smooth implementation of leading-edge experiment, MLF conducts safety review on samples, equipment, etc. brought into MLF by the users.

Review results

After the review, results and allocated beamtime are notified to applicants. Review results are either Approved, Reserved or Not Approved.

  • Approved: The proposal has received a beamtime allocation.
  • Reserved: While the proposal has not received a beamtime allocation in the proposal round it is applied for, the proposal is effectively ‘wait-listed’ pending beamtime becoming available due to cancellation or other circumstances. Should beamtime become available, a Beamline Scientist will make contact with you and, after consultation, decide the exact beamtime which shall be allocated to your proposal. There is no carry-over to the following proposal round if the proposal does not receive a beamtime allocation in this proposal round.
  • Not Approved: The proposal has been judged to be unsuitable or uncompetitive, thus, received no beamtime allocation.