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Publishing Your Results

Request for information of your achievements

J-PARC is a national experimental facility operated and maintained using an immense amount of running cost. So it is accountable to the general public on the results obtained from experiments performed at J-PARC MLF. The inspection and analysis of the achievements are also indispensable to administrate and to improve efficient experimental facility operation. Please inform J-PARC MLF of your achievement in the following list via the web-based registration system (the information will be stored in our data base and be automatically forwarded to the instrumental scientist of the beam line you used).

  • Publications (original paper, conference proceedings, reviews, etc.)
  • Doctor theses
  • Awards
  • Patents

Request for publications

Any publications on experiments performed at MLF should clearly acknowledge use of the MLF beamline(s)

Any publications,Doctor theses, and conference presentations on the results obtained from experiments performed at J-PARC MLF should acknowledge use of the MLF beamline(s)

Example of an acknowledgement

The [neutron OR muon] experiment at the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility of the J-PARC was performed under a user program (Proposal No. ****).

Before the submission, we recommend you to contact the instrumental scientist for checking the description concerning the neutron experiment you performed. Then, we may offer you to add the instrumental scientist as the author in accordance with the contribution.

Request for press release

In the case that you issue a press release on the results obtained from experiments performed at J-PARC MLF, we may offer to release in our joint names. Please contact us via e-mail <> including following information as early as possible (4 weeks prior to the release, if possible), because we need time for consultation with MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) when J-PARC is included in the credit. Please note that the above address is shared by several organizations and please do not attach the manuscript to an email sent to this address.

  • Title
  • Name of the Journal and publication date (in the case of publications)
  • Name and affiliation of the author (in the case of publications)
  • Abstract (Please write background of the research, social significance of the results, and contribution made by J-PARC MLF in obtaining the results within 300 – 500 words.)
  • Request for press briefing (YES/NO)